PEAK is a framework to build and manage multiagent ecosystems.

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PEAK: Python-based framework for heterogeneous agent communities

PEAK is a framework that helps users build, manage, analyze and maintain a multi-agent ecosystem. This ecosystem is where different multi-agent systems can coexist and share resources with it each other in a easy manner.

PEAK is based on SPADE framework, which was built using the XMPP protocol.

PEAK made easy

from peak import Agent, OneShotBehaviour

class agent(Agent):

    class HelloWorld(OneShotBehaviour):
        async def run(self) -> None:
            print("Hello World")
            await self.agent.stop()

    async def setup(self) -> None:

You create an agent file like this one and then execute it using the following command:

$ peak run -j agent@localhost

That’s easier than it can ever be!

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PEAK is an open source project by gecad-group. See the original LICENSE for more information.